Planet X or Ribble TT Frame

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Has anybody any thoughts or recommendations that could help me decide between Planet X or Ribble frames/bikes. I'm specifically looking for a carbon frame TT frame, so either the Ribble Aero frame or the Planet X Stealth Pro Carbon.

I quite like the fact that with Planet X you can arguably get a better VFM package (Planet X wheels etc) and I know their frame has good reviews. However the only thing that puts me off is the fact that they run their cables externally - seems a shame for what otherwise would be a good frame. Although I'm sure external cables will not make much difference to my performance and I'm sure there is a good reason for it.


  • bazbadger
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    I think PX are about to bring out a new TT frame.

    Why not try giving both a call to see who is more helpful etc?

    With a TT bike you've gotta get the sizing spot on.
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  • nomad5
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    I ride the Planet X and have found it to be an excellent piece of kit. Fast and responsive and performs well on the sporting courses I tend to time trial on. No expereince of the Ribble so would say get the size right and go with the one you can get the best deal for.