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Hi people :)

I'm an average sized 45 year old fella that's returning to cycling. At the moment I use a hybrid to do some recreational cycling in the Kent countryside and a few faster "training" rides. I did the Sevenoaks triathlon last year and plan to do the same this year.

I'd like to get a "proper" racing bike. I'm not a beginner, I used to ride a lot in my 20s, so I'm happy to spend a reasonable amount. For some reason, I'd prefer metal to carbon fibre - but I want something comfortable. The Cannondale CAAD 9 with Ultegra group caught my eye for £1600. Then I saw I could get a Van Nicholas Mistral for only £100 more, but this comes with a 105 group. To get Ultegra on a Van Nicholas means spending at least £2300 on a Euros. But I'd love a titanium bike. Then I saw that for £2500 I could get a Planex X with Dura Ace! That seems amazing value - but is beginning to get into the realms of silly money. Any comments on these bikes, or alternatives?



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    I'd never normally say this but if you want metal, why not an Enigma steel frame? I love the look of them and they get good reviews. They do nice titanium too.
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    Well you've got quite a mix there :)

    Just do what I do, go for the bike that you like the look of :wink: groupsets are a case of deminishing returns i.e. you spend a LOT more for a little difference anything Tiagra or above will be fine for you, as for the bike as I said go for the one you like the look of, try it out if you don't like the fit or it doesn't seem comfortable then don't buy it.

    I've had a couple of titanium bikes and I'm now riding a CAAD 8 and it's just as comfortable as the ti bikes were, the wheels and other finishing kit will have just as much effect on weather the bike is comfortable or not, you will also need to decide what sort of position you like on a bike, I like a bike that leans more to an agressive riding position and can't get away with a more upright position that some bikes give.

    Well I hope I've given you a few more things to think about, it's really not about someone suggesting a bike and you going out to buy it, travel to the largest bike shop that you are prepared to travel the distance to have a sit on a few, try some out, and I'm sure you'll end up with what your after.