What bike shall I ride?

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I'm not really a newbie to Mountain Biking but i am a born again biker. I'm 33 and have been out of the scene for probably about 10 years or so. After dabbling in the world of Road Cycling i thought i'd come back into Mountain Biking only to find it a much more complicated place.
I'm sure that when i left the scene there were only Hardtails or if you were a proper Downhiller then there were Full Sus bikes.
I've come back to find Trail Bikes, All Mountain, XC plus god knows how many others and too be honest it's a bike mind blowing.
Me and a group of mates all used to spend days out at Cannock Chase but i don't think it was called a Trail Centre back then?
I've been doing loads of swotting up to try and get back up to speed with things but basically, can anyone tell me what and where i should be riding???
I bought myself a Merida MATTS TFS 850 mainly because bikeradar gave it good reviews and it was an ebay bargain but other than that i only hope that it's the right thing, it certainly feels nice to ride but it looks like everything is going Full Sus now?
I live near Loughborough and am surrounded by bridalways so it seems OK for that but i was also thinking about maybe doing an event of some sort but don't want to laughed off the course for turning up with the wrong kit.

Is there anyone out there that can help enlighten me?

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    Don't be embarrassed to ride a hardtail, they ain't just budget options and there are plenty off good reasons to ride one. Your bike is a bit burlier than mine but looks like a great trail hitter. Nobody laughs at anyone who actually has the nuts to do any kind of race.