New watch/GPS...Which one?

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Just sent my Timex GPS watch to Timex...again. After battery change, water entering casing and a button not working at all. This the 2nd time with similar problems.
They want £33 to fix it, as Warranty has run out. Not happy, not at all happy. it's me birthday next month, the Boss/Mrs has offered to buy me something "spiffy", with a GPS or HR or similar techno widgets.
Don't really know what I want, but open to ideas of what you've all got.

Something that records height gain/loss/temp/ditance/speed would be nice, but anything too complicated and it'll sit on the mantlepiece, not on my wrist.

Simple, robust, and under £100 would be nice.
Thanks all...


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    Garmin 205 forerunner, blue and grey one is £99.99 in swetshop.
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    What do you want to use it for? Just cycling, or running too?
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    I'll say both, but cycling mostly, Mtb, Road.
    Found the Timex one ok'ish, but the signal used to go off if under tree coverage etc.

    I've got 2 - 3 cheapish cyclo computer/HR things, which I've yet to fit, so HR should be covered. Never even opened the box of one, as it was Xmas present.
    Distance, speed and time will also be taken care of - if they work! Fingers crossed...

    So, it's stuff like Height gain/loss, temp etc, but I'm not into downloading it to the PC,just day-to-day records which I write into a training diary/journal.
  • just got a garmin 305 forerunner, very cool features, amazon or ebay
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    just got a garmin 305 forerunner, very cool features, amazon or ebay

    +1 (or rather +3)

    On my third Forerunner 305 (1st one was the wifes which she killed [she managed to get it run over :shock:], 2nd one a replacement for the killed one, 3rd one mine all mine!)

    I have the optional cadence kit as well, which is nice - and will also be useful to carry on training effectively when I need to go indoors due to excess heat.

    I also use the (again optional) quick release kit which comes with a handlebar mount for the bike and a velcro loop strap for the wrist, which (AFAIK) is sort of intended for triathlon use to allow you to swap the watch from bike to wrist in transition.

    As I didn't want to use the bike mount on the handlebar, I "engineered" (bodged!) a mounting system to fit the watch on the stem instead.

    I have looked at the Edge series as an upgrade, but as I don't really need mapping/route guidance I can't see any particular benefit. Also the latest version (Forerunner 310XT) has no real functional difference, but is more waterproof (allegedly can be worn while swimming) and more watch like styling, but very expensive.

    All of the components have paired with the watch easily, and don't seem to drop signal. GPS signals (once locked in) don't seem to drop either. I live in an area where there is huge amounts of GPS coverage, just little of it available to the general public :wink: In my experience the UK has much better GPS coverage, so your issues should be even less than mine.

    Software provided is reasonable, but is much more useful if you have Garmin map products in addition.