will a 9 speed campag sprocket work on a 10 speed cassette?

the great cornholio
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I would like to increase the size of the biggest sprocket on my Campag 10 speed cassette. I have several Campag 9 speed cassettes sitting in the garage - can I use one of these or are they thicker?


  • John.T
    John.T Posts: 3,698
    They should be OK. The difference in thickness is very small. I have used a 7sp Shimano sprocket in a 9sp cassette with no trouble.
  • Smokin Joe
    Smokin Joe Posts: 2,706
    The sprockets on 9 and 10 speed are the same, it is only the spacers that are different.
  • Excellent. Thanks.
  • Update: I tried this weekend to install a 28 tooth sprocket from a 9 speed cassette, in place of the 25 tooth largest sprocket on a 10 speed. It doesn't work, because the largest sprocket on the 10 speed setup has a thinner spacer and is shaped so that the sprocket is offset and sits further towards the wheel.
    It seems that substituting any but the largest sprocket would work fine - I maybe should have been more specific in my original question.