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To many naughty snacks

13ADL1X13ADL1X Posts: 151
I snack constantly and unfortunately that generally means a trip to the chocolate vending machine in my office. By the end of the day I'm always knackered.

What kind of things can I swap chocolate for?
Peanuts - Or are they high in fat and salt?
Bombay mix? Not a massive fan but could probably get used to it.
Fruit? - I could do with eating more Bananas for occasional cramps.

I'm basically looking for things that I can bulk buy and stash in my drawer rather than crisps etc.
The trail is long and my legs are burning but I can't stop smiling.


  • crakercraker Posts: 2,060
    How much daily exercise are you doing?

    At the start of the year when I dieted I cut out snacks altogether. I lost weight. Now I'm commuting 120 miles a week I'm laying into fruit & raisin and nut charity bags of an afternoon. I'm not losing weight...
  • FatLarryFatLarry Posts: 209
    My drawer is always stocked with rice cakes & wasabi beans.

    Wasabi beans rock. Especially when you try to adjust your contact lenses immediately after eating one.
  • 13ADL1X13ADL1X Posts: 151
    I commute to work although thats only about 4 miles a day! I'm off the bike almost as soon as I get on it. That said on the way to work its mostly downhill and I big ring small sprocket it most of the way. I do also go a long way home on Friday's though. Other than that I look after my 6 month old son which is pretty tiring.

    I'm not looking to lose weight as I'm currently about 6ft2 and weigh 11.5-12 stone. Which I believe is slightly on the low side for my height. I just know my diet is shocking and the lack of energy is really affecting my performance at work. (Office job so not even manually testing).
    The trail is long and my legs are burning but I can't stop smiling.
  • FatLarryFatLarry Posts: 209
    Are you drinking enough water...?
  • abarth_1200abarth_1200 Posts: 370
    Im the same height and the same weight, and eat mostly censored , no fruit.

    I cycle 1 mile to work but then I have a pretty physical day, im a joiner so im running around all day lifting heavy stuff up and down 3 flights of stairs and ripping out old windows and doors fitting new ones etc.

    I am usually tired after work until dinner.

    I have found recently after doing more excercise and bike rides I have more energy.

    Also drink more water it helps a lot
  • 13ADL1X13ADL1X Posts: 151
    Looks like a volvic challenge is coming on!
    So is the fabled 2 litres a day the way forward?
    The trail is long and my legs are burning but I can't stop smiling.
  • FatLarryFatLarry Posts: 209
    2 litres should be a minimum.

    Being properly hydrated means less snacking - most people mistake thirst for hunger and subsequently snack. You'll also feel a greater sense of wellbeing and , er, better skin condition...

    Tap water's good enough!
  • Ho humHo hum Posts: 236
    Make sure you have a good oat-based breakfast in the morning, as it is a good slow-burn food and will stop the munchies until lunchtime at least.

    At least then you would have cut out at least half of your munching.

    Go for something at lunchtime that will fill you up, but not be too calorific.

    If you normally eat Mars bars then go for a Kit Kat instead as they have roughly half the calories.

    Good luck :)
  • Try

    Cold pasta salad (homemade with tomato-based sauce)
    Potato salad (low fat mayo)
    Dried/fresh fruit
    Homemade soup (sweet potato particular fave) if have access to microwave
    Low fat fruit yogurts
    energy/cereal bars
    Jaffa Cakes (around 40-50kcals each - less than plain digestives)
    Fruit and nut mix (can get unsalted)
    fruit salad (homemade)

    Just scraping surface here!!!
    Jason C. Kitchen BSc.
    Health and Sports Nutritionist
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