Nintendo DSI XL

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My little 'un just asked for a DSI.
I know nothing of these things, so now appeal to the more tech savvy peeps for help.
He's only 4, so game options limited, but, if I buy him the new DSI XL with the bigger screen, will he be able to run his cousins games in it, too?
Is the new model the best option?
Where's it best to buy from?
Any snags I should look out for?

Cheers guys... :wink:
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  • Stewie Griffin
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    I dont have the XL, just a normal DS lite and they are great little toys. It will run all DS games but not game boy advance games, which I have never done on mine anyway so its probably not that much of an issue. I doubt you will find them discounted anywhere, maybe a deal with a few games bundled with it.
  • Looked at the XL at the weekend, and the extra screen real estate doesn't seem much of a plus to me, but then I'm not subject to the peer pressure of your son's friends. He won't need it, but will he want it? It's physically a bigger product - you'd need big pockets - and there's no resolution increase, just bigger pixels. All DS games will play on it.

    I'd go for the DSi, but check his opinion first...
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