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Here's an Idea.

joshtpjoshtp Posts: 4,329
What about a "reviews" section. We all read reviews before we buy something, and oftne user reviews are the most helpful. What about a User Review forum. A bit like the FAQ's, you could write a review, submit it to the mods, who will then check it, and if it seems to be a fair review, of sufficient length and with decent information ETC... they then put it in the forum in a thread of the same name as the product. Then, any further reviews of the same product could go into the same thread. If there was a product that people particularily wanted reviewed, you could send out a request for reviws of that product.

personaly, i think this would be a very useful tool, and something that people would enjoy contributing too.

what you think BR?!

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  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 81,520 Lives Here
    a bit like

    where you can add your own reviews to any of the 1000s of bikes/parts etc...
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  • joshtpjoshtp Posts: 4,329
    nicklouse wrote:
    a bit like

    where you can add your own reviews to any of the 1000s of bikes/parts etc...
    but thats mag reviews and stuff, the comments boxes are hardly used for reviews, and t doesnt have all products by any means.
    i still think a dedicated user review section would be better.

    anyway, your just trying to avoid more work for yourself! :wink::lol:
    I like bikes and stuff
  • Jeff JonesJeff Jones Posts: 1,865 Editor
    joshtp/mbukman we've already got one.

    As a reader you can comment/review any product that's on BikeRadar. Either go via the reviews section on the homepage or the gear browser to the left of this page:
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