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Hello guys.

First of all, great site. After looking around a few sites about biking, this seems to be by far the most varied and user friendly.

I'm a novice cyclist really. Not had a bike since I was 16 and now 11 years on I've just bought a bike. Forgive me please for my lack of knowledge on the terminology, I'm learning as I go.

The bike I've bought is a Python Impact. It's blue and black with 27 gears. I believe, from looking around, that it is a hardtail. Only front suspension if I'm wrong on that!

I've scoured the net after buying (clever lad that I am), and can't find any information about the brand or the cycle. Hopefully I haven't bought a piece of crap. I got it for £210, knocked him down from £300 as the Giant bike I wanted wasn't available in my size. Apparently I have a 20-21" for my rather lanky frame.

I'm only riding it to and from work, about a mile each way all road, and on my days off like today I've been about 12 miles on it. The bike itself seems fine to me. The saddle is hard as hell and hurts my arse like crazy, but I got a gel cover from Wilko's (hangs head in shame) to numb the impact.

Could anyone with any knowledge of these let me know what they think? Suppose it doesn't really matter now anyway as I've actually bought it, but be nice to get a general opinion anyway.



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    check out
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    bigger1 wrote:
    check out

    That was about the only site I could find that gives a bit of information about them. There's nothing on there with an independent reviews from consumers though. Thanks for going to the effort of looking that up.
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    I looks like a good bike for the money....Just enjoy it.
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    It looks a good buy for commuting and gentle mountain biking (ie, forest tracks, canal paths etc.)

    Front fork looks a bit crude, but should last a few years. No discs but they're not needed unless you're hell bent of going fast and stopping fast.

    Saddles are a personnal thing, you could even spend £200 on one and still find it uncomfortable :!: It might also be the way you're sitting on the saddle that hurts. Experiment with higher/lower forward/backward positions. As you say, if you're lanky you may be "crunched" up too much in a riding position.
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    Your backside will hurt a lot at first, even if you have the "right" seat. As B_R said, play with the position until it's as comfortable as possible then it's just a case of your backside getting used to it.
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    and if all else fails, at least you can tell the ladies you have a twenty inch python between your legs...

    Erm, I'll get my coat...
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