Increasing Stopping Power

leejdavies Posts: 217
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I currently have Mirage brakes on my bike. I commute about 70 miles/week and although I've put up with it for over a year the stopping power isn't that great.

What would be the best way to improve it? (Replaced the pads with standard campy ones)

Is it worth investing in some good brakes from the upper echelons of the campy range?

Have looked at the campy skeleton brakes… Do they provide greater stopping power? Also, apart from weight what would be the major difference between the Veloce and Record/super record versions? Apart the £100 that is :roll: .

And are the PX CNC brakes any good? Seem reasonable for the weight and the fact they are CNC'd. They come in red too. 8)


Changing the brake pads to Koolstop/swiss stop etc?
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