New. Which bike - 2 choices please for a novice

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Hello everyone

I wonder if you could spare 5 mins for some advice please.

I am not a serious cyclist but in the quest to get fitter and lose more weight I am doing 8-10 miles a day on my old Claud Butler Pagan bike (which is falling to bits under the strain). So I am looking for something a little more robust.

I am riding on roads and bridle paths/towpaths mostly with some hills but lots of uneven pebbly ground (and thats just the roads) so I have been recommended a hybrid - this one to be precise: GT BIKES Transeo 2.0 Disc

However, in terms of been entirely shallow I rather prefer the Mongoose Tyax Elite

I'm doing this to get fit so I dont mind it being harder to ride on the road.

Any thoughts on either - good or bad please?

thanks a lot in advance