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2010 stumpjumper fsr expert - DT Swiss wheel breaking?

redlancerredlancer Posts: 6
edited April 2010 in MTB general
Hi all
Got a 2010 specalized stumpy fsr expert. Was up a LLandegla where I was chatting to another owner of the 2009 version who had his front snap on a drop. Did a bit of googling and found the odd bit of posts from circa 2008/2009 with a few issues. Broken spokes and rim's buckling

So my questions are
1- is there an issue with these DT swiss wheels on more extreme riding, which i intend to do at somepoint
2 - have they been improved since 2009
3 - is the small number of reports posibly badly maintain bikes or badly put together wheels?
4 - should i be looking at a changing them out as i intend to keep my teeth.

thanks in advance
2010 stumpy expert
2008 marin rocky ridge (misses)
2006 stumpy HT comp (daughters now)


  • CustomReignCustomReign Posts: 185
    I had a 2007 Stumpy Expert and the wheels (DT Swiss) were terrible. Spokes/nipples were snapping on standard XC trails. Got a Expert demo from the shop while mine was being sorted and that had 3 spokes missing already.

    I was swiftly on the net ordering some Crossmax ST's from Merlin.
  • thanks for that

    was wondering if these are still flaky i.e. is 2010 wheels more robust?
    2010 stumpy expert
    2008 marin rocky ridge (misses)
    2006 stumpy HT comp (daughters now)
  • bails87bails87 Posts: 12,998
    You could get the wheels retensioned if you're worried about them. the build can be more important than the actual materials with wheels.

    "As I said last time, it won't happen again."
  • V5adeV5ade Posts: 192
    I have a 2007 Rockhopper and that had the chocolate spokes\nipples. I broke at least one pretty much ever time I went out and I wasn't as 'commited' as I am now.
    My 2010 Stumpy Expert wheels have been faultless so far (ony 400 miles, but they have been tough) so I think we may be okay.
    On an aside, I replaced the Rockhoppers wheel with a pair of Hope Hoops and they have been awesome
    Somewhere in the Surrey Hills :-)
  • kingcraigkingcraig Posts: 16
    i have a stumpy elite 2009, and my wheels lasted a year lost loads of spokes/nipples got them rebuilt but they were too far gone :( so i got some hope 2's with ztr flow rims, much better
  • V5ade, good to here, will stick with these for the time being.

    Thinking it could be just down to being badly put together.
    2010 stumpy expert
    2008 marin rocky ridge (misses)
    2006 stumpy HT comp (daughters now)
  • bennaylorbennaylor Posts: 52
    I have got an 09 Stumpy elite as well.

    It seems the wheels is where they have tried to save money, always taking the back wheel into my LBS for new spokes. In the end they just respoked the wheel and said they would charge specialised as they are fed up of people complaining about the quality of the wheels.

    in the end I bit the bullet and have just bought some hope hoops on Mavic 521 rims, first ride was tonight and they are ace.

    If I was you, get them replaced.
  • I've got DT Swiss 5.10 on my Blur and I'm not that impressed with them. Whether it's down to build or not I don't know, but after just a couple of rides I had issues with the spokes. I've ridden the same trails with cheaper wheels than them and not had any problems, which is why I wasn't impressed. They are ok at the moment, but are an absolute pain in the censored to get tyres on and off!

    When I can afford it, I'll be getting some Mavics.
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