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Carrera Vanquish 2003 (?) Yellow/black 105 equipped - wheels

NiceDogNiceDog Posts: 16
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Does anyone know or know where I can get the full spec for the above bike? The front wheel has been replaced and I would like to get it back to original spec. I think they are 105 wheels but is it the R500 or R550, or was it something different at that time?

Failing that, what would be a good wheelset for that bike, bearing in mind that that year's Carrera Vanquish seemed to be higher specced than subsequent ones, ie 105 instead of the later Tiagra.

Also, this was a bike from Halfords (yeah I know) but generally considered to be a great bike, including by me, so would they be able to return it to the original spec, do you think?

Would appreciate any advice. I have seen these bikes on ebay so could ask someone if they would be willing to sell the front wheel only but a) people would probably be unwilling to break the bike up and b) i would prefer a new part if possible.

Thanks a lot guys!



  • amaferangaamaferanga Posts: 6,789
    Get the best wheels you can afford, but if you're after budget wheels then you can't go wrong with Mavic Aksiums or maybe some Planet X Model B's. Nothing special at all about R500 or R550 wheels.
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  • freehubfreehub Posts: 4,257
    R550 wheels are deffo faster and lighter than Aksiums.
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