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Any idea what type of pressures I should be putting in my inner tubes in order to prevent regular punctures?

I'm just under 16 stone, my tyres are Kenda Karmas and most of my riding's on quite tame xc tracks.

I think the minimum recommended on the tyre walls is 35psi, but should I go a lot higher than this because of my weight?


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    I use 35-40 off road, i am 12 3/4 stone, you should use more, take a pump with you and try different pressures until it feels right, start on 40 and go up.
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    Ignore the pressures on the sidewalls.
    My maxxis say 35-55psi and i run less than 30psi in the front,32psi in the rear.My mate runs the same pressures and he's 17 stone.The higher the pressure the less grip but they roll faster.If you're riding tame tracks i'd probably go for around 40-45psi and see how you go.
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    Thanks guys...I'll give 40-45psi a go as suggested :D
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    My tyres are 26x2.0...does the 2.0 refer to the tyre section width in inches, and therefore 50.8mm???

    If so, then this works out at 43.5psi, but this would be for a 75kg rider. Like I say I'm closer to 100kg, so how much more pressure should I be looking at for my weight?
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    It's just a guide.
    Some 18 stone riders run with 30psi some higher depends on where/how you ride.
    start at 40-ish then see what works for you.
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    My riding partner (50 kgs + pack) ran Karmas with standard tubes and liners at 24F and 26R.
    Under that was risking (and did have) a pinch flat.

    I used to run 40 - 45 psi with tubes and liners (65 kgs + pack); no flats for a year on mostly rocky tracks.

    But when I started to let them down the bike handled much better....so I kept letting them down.

    At 24F and 26R no flats; at 21-22F and 24R plenty of pinch flats.

    On smooth ground the hard tyres are ok; On rough ground let them down.

    If you're a smooth rider 35-ish may go ok. We had liners though and they made a big difference as well.
  • i always run my high rollers at just above 50psi. i mostly do fairly mild XC and a fair amount of road work thou, and im only 9 stone, so that might make a difference. but ive done a little bit of off roady stuff at that and never had a problem, although i suppose that could be cause im actually tippytopeing everywhere lol.