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Looking at getting a new bike and have noticed some different types of bikes but they still look similar.

For example what's the difference between a Marin Madrone and say a Marin Bobcat? It says they're both trail bikes but it seems like they're in different categories. Again Specialised do the 'P' model bikes then the likes of the Rockhopper/Hardrock.


A confused Andy :)


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    Spesh P series are jump bikes
    Hardrock and Rockhopper are more general trail bikes at different price points.

    The madrone and bobcat are both general bikes too but the bobcat has slightly higher quality forks and brakes
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    Best thing to do is try and find a couple of manufacturers you like the look of (colour and aethetics are important so don't let anyone tell you there not). Then post up on here which brands you like and then have a good think about the type of riding you're going to do and tell us. Be honest though, if you're going to spend a lot of time on road or canal tow paths say so and you'll end up with advice about the right sort of bike for that, if it's hardcore DH stuff then a totally different bike will be appropriate. The other important piece of information is your price range, a useable bike can be anything between £ 250 and £ 7000.
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    You firstly need to consider how you will be using the bike. There are some great articles available on how to choose the right bike. for example whether you need it for cycling to and from work or you are planning on going on trails and jumps laer on in your biking career.

    If you do a quick internet search, you will find details on how to determine the right bike then you can use this advice as a basis.

    Once you know how you will be using the bike you should be able to determine which brands supply the best bikes for that purpose which helps you narrow it down.

    Hope this helps :)