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Decided on a BMC

J55TTCJ55TTC Posts: 224
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Well after a few test rides I just couldn't walk away from this BMC. Sods law, I walk in just looking as there was a great selection at Evans' Gatwick warehouse and they happen to have the bike I originally wanted in the right size and colour. Haggled a free set of ultegra pedals worth £90 too! My better half was "looking" too and we walked out with the womens equivalent too as again they just "happened" to have the right size and colour combo :)

Going to give it a good blast today but spend yesterday afternoon setting it up how I want it and so far I'm completely stunned by it.






Already planning some lighter wheels but it will do for now ....


  • BMC, you know it makes sense! I had a feeling that more and more would start to appear on this forum. Good news!

    Looks great mate plus its nice to hear other people say they ride well as apparently they can be an aquired taste. Mine flew home on its first ride yesterday.
  • DoombrainDoombrain Posts: 360
    nice bike
    LOL road riding.
  • Sweet!!! :shock:
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