ksyrium elite rebuild, is it worth it?

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when i was changing my 5000 mile old rear tyre today i noticed that the rim had cracked in 3 places on my ksyrium elite. obviously its kaput and i feel lucky that the whole thing didn't collapse on me when i was riding. they have lasted 4 years though and the front is fine.
i now need a new rear hoop. so is it worth getting an lbs to rebuild the wheel or am i better off getting a new rear?
i weigh 17 stones so something strong would be needed.
any advice?
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  • skinson
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    I have elites, i feel if the hubs are ok then go for it, after all they are decent wheels. IMHO of course.
  • fast as fupp
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    youll be lucky to get a replacement rim- mavic aftersales are crap
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    I was quoted £170 for a ksyrium elite rear wheel rebuild after ripping a spoke from the rim, wouldn't really say its worth that much money.

    Also worth checking the front rim for bowing of the brake surface and corrosion of the threaded spoke holders in the rim, it was one of the holders pulling itself & part of the rim away that destroyed that wheel.

    Personally I dont like the way the spokes are held in the rim, like its too easy to destroy a rim if a spoke gets stressed. I've also had spokes pull straight through the hub on aksium wheels. I've also had the freehub wear out on my ksyriums, which was fairly expensive to replace.

    All in all I'd say dont bother rebuilding the wheel and replace it with a 'normal' rim and j bend spoke wheel; will make absolutely no difference in performance but will be more durable and repairable.
  • My conclusion is no.

    I have got a pair with the rims worn out. The hubs are ok.

    I have tried sourcing new mavic rims and equivalent alternatives with no sucess.

    LBS will send to mavic for £100 per wheel but for £200 I will now have only handbuilts.
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    planet x are doing their model Bs for 100 quid, job's a good un

    or get a handbuilt one if you don't want a pair- maybe go for 32 spoke rather than 28 if you need a strong one, the weight difference isn't that great for a few extra spokes
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