Sore fingers

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Hi all,

New to here, and pretty much new to mountain biking. Only really started to pick it up, an really enjoy it ...

I was doing a trails at Carron Valley today with a friend (first time on proper MTB trails). I loved it, but I keep getting really sore fingers when going downhill. I think it is from the vibrations or gripping too tight...

It is normal? If so, any suggestions on what I can do to stop it? FYI - I've got front shocks on a fairly entry bike - Scott Aspect 55

Any advice would be great!


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    Sore hands could be caused by loads of things :?

    1 Buy a set of riding gloves.
    2 Try replacing the grips with a softer more ergonomic grip!!
    3 MTFU :wink:

    Hope these ideas help.
  • I've got a pair of Endura gel padded gloves - which I think should be okay in terms of absorbing a 'little' bit of

    I never thought about the grips on my bike. I've had a butchers around and see what is around ...

    MTFU - I know, I know, I probably sound like a total bufty, but I can hardly straighten them after and they are super painful ... :(

    Thanks - most appreciated!
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    I used to get numb and sore fingers on my left hand, put up with it for about 2 years before I decided to try; ... delID=9687

    They have worked like a charm for me, no more pain or numbness!! :D
    Spesh Sworks Enduro Custom Build!!
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    Superstar now have ergo grips don't know what there like though.