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XC Peterborough / Rutland area

Lauren79Lauren79 Posts: 18
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Hi all

We would like to enlarge our tiny riding group (2 at the moment) or quite often me by myself.

We are mainly riding in the Rutland area and from time to time venture further afield.
We usually go out on the weekends for about 2.5 hours.

Would be great if more people were to join us.




  • You'll often find some of us about at Bourne Woods, or, in my case, hitting the cheeky stuff around the city (yes, there is some) - just keep an eye out for a fat beardy numpty on a Caldera, that'll be me...
    Old hockey players never die - they just smell that way...
    There's a ride round Rurland Water every Wednesday evening if you're interested. Meets at Whitwell at 6.30pm, choice of 17 or 23 miles. Just pitch up.
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  • Hi All,
    Being the other one of the two Lauren79 referred to we have both ridden the Wednesday night ride a few times but getting back from work in time for the 6.30 start limits opportunities.

    We are looking to expand our little group with local riders who want to do more locally than trundle around the water, we do travel around a bit and have had some great times around Sherwood and the Long Mynd, we are intending very soon to do the Peak Distict, Cut gate and Ladybower to be exact as well as a further visits to Wales and a return to the Long Mynd so do feel free to get in touch and join us, we don't bite!
  • Not really interested in weekend riding but would like to meet up with some locals for a couple of hours on a Wednesday evening. I'm new to off-road and keen to explore the area.
  • hi puddle-rider,

    i live in lincoln and often ride sherwood pines and the peak district around ladybower/edale etc.if you are heading to any of these on a sunday let me know and will join the group!!
  • ShelduckShelduck Posts: 18
    I'm local to you, (Deeping) and have been in touch before. I've been away for a few months with one thing or another, but would be interested in joining up with you. Its hard to find time, but I'll try. Please let me know of any rides, have 2 days off this week and am hoping to get some mtb time in.

  • mikebert4mikebert4 Posts: 93
    I used to do a lot of riding around Peterborough, started a thread on here that became -massive- and met some very cool people. I'll poke them all to pop on and say Hi at some point, maybe set you up for a ride or two.

    I'm currently based down in Somerset (Taunton) or I'd be game for a few rides myself.

    As a consolation prize (though I've a feeling some might say you lucked out by -not- having to ride with me :p) here's a map of one of my favourite routes from the city: ... gular-Ride

    If you're ever down the south-west, shout out, y'hear!
  • Hi y'all - I've just finished Mike's route, and the riverside singletrack towards the end is excellent. Quite possibly the best in the area. I'd be more than happy to show people around the loop if they want - it's not a bad little loop on it's own, or (as I've just done) can be fitted into a longer city-based loop (I've just done nearly 3 hrs) with a decent proportion of singletrack thrown in...
    Let me know if anyone's interested...
    Old hockey players never die - they just smell that way...
  • Now then, I am based in Lincoln but would be more than willing to drive down for a weekend tide, need to get out more

    Let me know

    Cheers James
  • acacacac Posts: 348
    hi all where all you peterborough riders been am up for aride any weekend around the peterborough area.
    am hope to get out alot mor this year lol

    hi mikebert hows it hows going
    play hard ride hard
  • puddle-riderpuddle-rider Posts: 295
    Lauren79 and I have been valiantly doing what we can to generate interest and the pair of us meet regulairly to ride the bridleways around Oakham and Rutland water, usually twice a month. In between times we have been to Cannock, Shropshire, Peak District and a few other places and also done a few more local rides around Wakerley/Fineshades and Irchester Country Park

    I'm going to be out doing a loop around Wakerley on Sunday afternoon/early evening so if you want to join us/me then get in touch
  • acacacac Posts: 348
    hi thanks forthe offer like tojoin you lot some time

    i like to have sunday afternoon to relaxe.
    i be out tomorrow friday (day off) and maybe saturday or sunday morning but i do not drive so makes it abit harder for me.

    thanks anthony
    play hard ride hard
  • acacacac Posts: 348
    anyone out sunday morning as i will be.
    went out friday wonsford rail bridge across river was out doing work on it so cant cross it at momment i looked for anover way across river got abit lost lol
    play hard ride hard
  • Sgt MarmiteSgt Marmite Posts: 31
    Hi Acac
    You can cross the river a bit further South at Water Newton by going down Station Rd at Ailsworth. You then either need to use the footpath next to the Southbound A1 to get up to Stibbington, so you can cross the A1 using the bridge, or you can cross the A1 at Water Newton, ride for a couple of hundred yards up the Northbound carriageway (gets your heart beating a bit faster!!) and then turn left onto a side road s/p 'Gated Road' which leads you to Elton - you can then pick up any of the bridleways that start from Elton.
  • LarokLarok Posts: 577
    Sounds good :D ! Any rides coming up?
  • phzphz Posts: 478
    would be happy to join up for any local (im peterborough-based but will travel) weekend / summer evening rides as long as youre not all racing snakes - me / my gut / my bikes err on the playbike side of XC / AM

    usually ride alone or with my wife (but she rides more as a fitness thing not because she loves riding per se) so meeting up with some local riders would be cool

    would be great to get a PM if anything is going on peterborough-wise at any point

    slainte :D rob
  • acacacac Posts: 348
    am up for a local ride hopefully be out this weekend which ever is the best waether.
    i like to go out early in the morning.
    it abe aabit cool.
    play hard ride hard
  • neil²neil² Posts: 337
    You could always join the Friday ride with about 200... some should be reachable from Peterborough.
  • chris1994chris1994 Posts: 3
    Hi, i'm new to this. Just wondering does anyone know any good routes around Peterborough. It's got good cycle routes around the city but fancy going further out to Oundle, Bourne, Stamford and anything challanging not on the city routes which are all fairly easy. I live in the Bretton area and often cycle out towards Marholm way, but was again looking for challenges / ideas????


  • There's a nice loop that goes out from Elton towards Warmington and beyond, and believe it or not, there IS some singletrack around the city if you know where to look. I can often be found around Bourne Woods, which does have some lovely singletrack...
    Old hockey players never die - they just smell that way...
  • puddle-riderpuddle-rider Posts: 295
    Hey Guys,

    Seems like we have the beginnings of a Peterborough based group!

    I know my way around, Elton, Yarwell and Wansford, I have heard about Bourne Woods but never been and if some one knows some cheeky singletrack in Peterborough then we should make a date to get together. I'm tied up this weekend but how about next weekend 5th/6th June any one want to make a suggestion?
  • acacacac Posts: 348
    hi puddle-rider i would have joined you but am away that week but any one like join up this weekend. abe cool
    play hard ride hard
  • LarokLarok Posts: 577
    Can't make this weekend, I'll keep an eye out for plans for the following weekend.
  • I'll be out Thursday evening should anybody fancy a chilled loop around the Ferry Meadows / Castor area...
    Old hockey players never die - they just smell that way...
  • chris1994chris1994 Posts: 3
    I'll be off that weekend, normally muck around Ferry Meadows area as i live in Bretton. Just ordered a new bike for pickup on Sat, so time permitting i'm gonna be out checking this out. Gonna try and figure out a decent none road route to Bourne from Bretton. Bretton, Marholm and then on wards ish, can anyone help with this????
  • phzphz Posts: 478
    havent found much decent singletrack around peterborough itself (im in fletton) apart from really short sections with lots of tedious stuff inbetween - locally i tend to do road / bridleway / green wheel rides so anyone who knows anything more technical would be a godsend

    have been to bourne woods a couple of times and bits of it look promising but it would take some local knowledge to piece the sections together into something more coherent i guess

    should be around for the 5th / 6th weekend if thats looking like a goer

    slainte :) rob
  • Lauren79Lauren79 Posts: 18
    Hi all

    We will meet on Sunday at 9.00 a.m in Manton at the pub (Rutland) to go for an approximately 2.5 hour xc loop.

    You are more than welcome to join us!
  • rusty656rusty656 Posts: 44
    Hi all,

    I live in Yaxley and have managed to find some great tracks in the area of Stilton down to sawtry and across to Oundle, i bought one of the OS Explorer maps as it shows all the bridleways and i have just gone out and tried them, some are totally unrideable but others are great, there are also some good hills and descents !!

    Do get very jealous of people on these forums though who have got these great trail centres or natural trails on their doorsteps !!!!!!!
  • Hi,
    I'm Oakham based for the next four or so months so i'm interested in anything thats going from round there, can't really travel though.... PM me with details if anythig is coming up.


  • LarokLarok Posts: 577
    Can't make the Rutland meet. Have a good one. :)
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