New bike delivery - DPD courier issues

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Any one else had issues with the courier called DPD.

My new Planet X bike is being sent with them. I missed the 1st delivery on Wednesday because Planet X never sent me the email / SMS to confirm the tracking number etc and that my bike was on it's way.

That was a pain - but not the end of the world. Planet X confirmed the bike was being redelivered on Thursday. I'm on holiday this week so I could be at home but ended up waiting in all day until 1700 when the DPD website tracker updated to say my bike wasn't being delivered as the driver had run out of time.

DPD website updated this morning to say it was being redelivered again today. So I waited in all day again today until finally at 1840 the website tracker was updated to say the driver ran out of time again !!!

My bike is now back at the York depot. I got to speak to DPD tonight but they think it would be attempted again tomorrow and if I'm out a 2nd failed delivery would mean they would send it back to Planet X.

I'm nervous about my new carbon fibre bike spending a fourth day racing around the Yorkshire countryside in the back of a DPD van and being unloaded / loaded into the depot each time, so I 'm making a 40 mile round trip to collect it in person tomorrow morning at 0830.

Helpfully the website says if I don't arrive at 0830 to collect it ( the pre selected time) then they will return the package to the sender. I guess they don't like to be kept waiting !


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    I feel your pain DPD suck balls, infact so do most courier firms in my experience. They have a simple enough job to deliver parcels, but they all seem to manage to f**k it up.

    We had a right cock up with DPD, I was waiting for an important motorbike part. To cut a long story short, they cocked up the difficult task of delivering a parcel so they had to send it out to me in a taxi!!!

    A bloody taxi.....DPD is a courier firm and have to use a taxi to deliver their parcels. I ask ya :roll:

    DPD used to go by a different name, I can't remember it at the mo......

    Don't get me started on Parcelforce, Parcelforce? Parcelfarce is about right......

    Bloody couriers :lol:
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    Can you not claim any compensation for staying in the 2 days waiting for your bike to arrive? You wasted 2 days of your holiday for your bike to be delivered from this courier service! I know I would be bloody mad.
  • The problem is I don't think I have any come back against DPD as I don't have any contract with them as the bike supplier is the one that pays DPD. I have raised the issue with the bike supplier - I know it's not their fault so I'll see how they get on with DPD .
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    Surely if they ran out of time on day one you should be the priority the next day???
  • Yep - you would have thought so wouldn't you ...along with a big apology first thing to explain the problem.

    Unfortunately no such luck. On Thursday the DPD website showed an expected delivery time ( 1451 - 1551). It was a shame I only found this out late in the afternoon when Planet X explained how I could use a number on the missed delivery card to check my order ( I've had no other tracking codes from Planet X ).

    This morning the DPD website didn't show any estimated times - just that it was out for delivery. I rang DPD who said this was because the delivery was via an agency driver - not sure what that is - a taxi maybe ? What ever it was it didn't work.
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    I live in the Netherlands and we have DPD also. I have never had any problems with them. Most of the stuff that i get delivered from DPD is from Germany. Its always on time and undamaged,(upto now). Hope this gives you a bit of hope.
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    cheehee wrote:
    DPD used to go by a different name, I can't remember it at the mo......


    I think the main problem with couriers is they are really only equiped for delivering to businesses but then internet sales came along and they are now having to deliver to home addresses which is where the problems start.
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    Ok for me, about 4 minutes later than the specified time which I got by text first thing in the morning.
  • Bike collected first thing this morning. DPD guy was very apologetic and all the certificates / wall work suggested customer was number 1 priority etc etc, so maybe I just got unlucky.
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    I'd have been bl**dy furious if I'd waited in two days for a scheduled delivery that didn't happen and then they dared to say that they'd take it back to the sender...!! Glad it was sorted out and that they apologised.

    DPD have a really weird and iinteresting system in Finland. When I get a parcel via them it gets delivered to my local mini branch of a particular supermarket chain and stored in their backroom. I then pop down the road to pick it up at my leisure. It's a brilliant idea, as the supermarket is open all hours and have a huge network, so there is going to be one near most people. Unfortunately the distribution to the supermarket always takes days, usually more time than the parcel took to get from the UK, Germany (or wherever) to Finland!
  • I Just had a similar experiece with DPD in Denmark. DPD is a huge multinational company, I know, but in Denmark their delivery service AND costumer service is.. well.. bad. I even paid DPD extra for making it a "fast" delivery. All I got was bad attitude from the customer service girl.

    Later on I talked to a guy from DPD customer service, who told me they would come by tomorrow. So far, im not impressed with their services at all.

    I think I will try to avoid DPD in the future. 8)
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    DPD stands for Disastrously Poor Deliveries or
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  • pastey_boy wrote:
    DPD stands for Disastrously Poor Deliveries or

    haha agreed, just found a danish site that deals with customer experience ( ) and DPD is absolutely slaughtered.

    If that makes me feel good, am I a bad person ? :lol:
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    In Bristol... I have nothing but praise for the company. A number of firms seem to have switched to DPD - and they always deliver within the selected hour and so far (out of about 15 deliveries)... have never missed a drop-off. I have used the text message service a few times to change the delivery day.

    It's funny... it must be where you live. Probably with these smaller firms... it's good service in the cities... but go anywhere even vaguely remote... and the service falls apart.

    Sorry to hear about your troubles... Is it a PX SL or Nanolight? [got a SL just before Xmas :) ]
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    I had a right mare with them. Just a mobile phone that went missing. used there tracking No system tracked it to my local depot and that's where it mysteriously vanished. Had a right ball ache with the phone company. Upshot was New phone sent out a week later but I'm guessing someone somewhere has a shiny new phone :x I spent two days waiting in for something that was never going to turn up.