New rider- confused with first fork

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:? Hi everyone, what a pleasure to be here!

I brought my first bike today, since joining the army i gave up skateboarding and now, based in Yorkshire, I decided riding is the way forward!

Got a marin shoreline disc after a bit of research, not the best specs in the world i know but ideal for my situation and took it out for a play today- cant wait until tomorrow!

With the spinner 300 fork, is there a means of adjusting the way the suspension behaves? I know its a very basic fork but a small rotating knob ontop one of one of the legs has a series of dots in a circle from large to small.... any thoughts?

I've already changed tyres to maxxis high rollers over the 1.95s from the shop, so ride is better :D

Much appreciated!


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    This is a fairly new fork - if you don't have any instructions, ask the shop to provide them.
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    I'd imagine this is compression, so will make it harder or softer. Best way is to wind it all the way to one end, say small dots. Give it a few springs and see what it does. Then, do the same again to the larger dots, and see the difference. Its then just a case of finding what setting works best for you, soft, hard or around the middle somewhere

    hope this helps
    Anorexic Racing Snake ;)
  • Ok I was thinking along those lines, thanks for the advice guys!