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knackered legz........

pete_cpete_c Posts: 9
Went out on a 20k mountain bike run yesterday but after 10k my legs were shot, still had plenty of puff left in me but my legs were gone. Had to do plenty of pushing up the hills. I've only been biking now for 10 months so no expert.

Any ideas??

I had big bowl of pasta 2 hours before going out, and had a lucozade sports drink halfway round as well as water.


  • asdfhjklasdfhjkl Posts: 333
    May have been dehydration. Could also be related to food though. I don't like big meals before riding unless it's porridge. What you don't want to happen is your blood sugar spiking from a sudden intake of carbs, and then "crashing" while you're out riding. If anything, I be sure to eat a huge meal the day before rather than just before.
  • pete_cpete_c Posts: 9
    Good idea, I was ok 2 days ago when only had porrige before a 20 k run. Was a hot day though for this time of year.
  • pete_cpete_c Posts: 9
    what's your ultimate preparation food and drinkwise for a decent run (25k is a goodun for me!)
  • asdfhjklasdfhjkl Posts: 333
    I eat a lot (this isn't my only sport, I've gotta fuel up :P) but usually have a lot of carbs with one of my meals the day before (pasta, usually). Then it's just porridge, fruit and a protein shake for breakfast and then head out for a ride. I just drink water. 1.5L is usually enough for a 40k ride for me.

    The benefits of sports drinks is that the water keeps you hydrated, they help to replace some of the salts.etc lost during exercise, and they provide a small amount of carbohydrates. Frankly I think they're over-rated and just stick with "real" food for eating on rides. Apples, bananas, that sort of thing. That's just my opinion, though; others will certainly disagree.

    Nutrition before, after and during rides is a very personal thing. You just gotta find what works for you, what's convenient, and whatever you want to carry on a ride.
  • pete_cpete_c Posts: 9
    excellent, cheers for that. Will feed up the night before next time I go out!
  • RallyBikerRallyBiker Posts: 378
    Geta protein/carb shake inside you half an hour before you start!
  • pete_cpete_c Posts: 9
    I've heard mcdonalds do good shakes!! LOL!!
  • tebteb Posts: 7
    Start fueling as soon as you start with carbs (in a drink and/or with gels/bars). You say you took a Lucozade half way round but you need to take a drink every 5-10 mins rather than half way round. Sounds like you've bonked from lack of intake in the first half. Fuel in the first half to sustain yourself in the latter.
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  • You're quite right,

    I've started to take gels out with me now, and take them in the first half of the ride, got to say that the second half is a lot easier, with my legs still having power in them.

    Got a mate who downs a malt loaf on the first part of his ride,not tried it yet, but I think it would take a while for that to digest.

    cheers for all advice,

    what gels/bars would you advise? and what quantity?
  • militiacoremilitiacore Posts: 101
    As already mentioned what you eat a day or so before will have a greater effect over what you consume on the day of your ride. If you start cramming in food before and/or during a ride then you'll start to take away energy and blood supply from your muscles which will be used to supply the digestive system.

    If you're out for 1-1.5 hours then as long as you've eaten adequate food the day before then simply remaining hydrated will be sufficient. Over this then you'd need to look to add in some easily digestible carb and protein sources.

    One thing not mentioned is how often you're out on your bike on a weekly basis and whether over training is a factor if you're out multiple times during the week?
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  • pete_cpete_c Posts: 9
    go out about 3 times a week, 2-3 hours a time, normally with a days rest in between.
  • militiacoremilitiacore Posts: 101
    pete_c wrote:
    go out about 3 times a week, 2-3 hours a time, normally with a days rest in between.

    If you're not getting enough rest, including sleep, not just time off between rides and not getting in the right sort of nutrition to enable your body to replenish itself then over time you can experience burnout, over training or whatever you want to call it which will hamper performance.

    Try taking a little time out, maybe just going out once a week for just a week and see how you feel.
    Chas Roberts - DOGSBOLX
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