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Cycle Sweden to London- Earth Wind & Tyre cycle tour

jonbagujonbagu Posts: 10
edited April 2010 in Tour & expedition
Hi All,

3 friends and I are cycling from Sweden to London in June of this year. I've started planning the route, and have already encountered a few problems with the roads down from Stockholm. I understand there to be a coastal road that runs from Stockholm down to Denmark- has anyone cycled this?

Also if anyone has advice about other cycle routes through Denmark, Germany, Belgium and France then it would be much appreciated.

If you want to know our proposed route, or follow our journey please see the link below:

Thanks in advance for any help and support!



  • You planned route looks great Jon. When do you plan to start again?

    I can tell you the roads on the West Coast of Sweden from Gøteborg to Helsingor er brilliant and so are teh roads through Denmark.

  • GeorgeShawGeorgeShaw Posts: 764
    You want to keep off the autoroutes. For example your route alongside Lake Vattern takes the autoroute into Jonkoping. I know this area as I'm doing the Vatternrundan in a few weeks time. There's an old road that is used by the Vatternrundan and runs parallel to the autoroute and is almost empty and (like most of Sweden) an excellent road surface.

    I've no doubt that the same sort of thing exists all over Sweden. It's very cycle friendly, and there are signposted cycle routes between towns and villages. I'll see if I (or my Swedish mates) can find a web link for you that shows the routes.
  • jonbagujonbagu Posts: 10
    Thanks guys, this is great.

    Nait, we set off on the 20th June. We are hoping to complete the tour in 20 days back to London. Possibility of a day or two off, maybe round Amsterdam to take in some culture...

    George, if you could forward on that link it would be much appreciated.

    Thanks again guys.

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