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Show off my 'Budget' wheels....:-)

LigLig Posts: 178
edited April 2010 in Your road bikes
Evenin' all, Just fitted today and had to show them off - and before anyone asks there is no way I would shell out the RRP - got them for a good deal less!! Nice....



  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 28,799
    Very very nice there!
  • SquillinossettSquillinossett Posts: 1,678
    I would kill for a pair of those, but as I gave the Mrs Grief over spending £1000 on alloys when we were picking the extras, I dont have much change of sinking £2k+ of those!

    Nice bike BTW
  • LigLig Posts: 178
    Cheers for your comments fellas,

    And they are nice but not worth killing for!! I also have a pair of Zipp303s (which I will most likely sell soon) but to be honest if it was a case of the Zipps and 1K or the Lightweights - the Zipps would win hands down!!! But still really nice to experience them!

  • giant_mangiant_man Posts: 6,890
    wow lovely stuff ...... interesting comparison to the Zipps there .....
  • rick_chaseyrick_chasey Posts: 50,612 Lives Here
    wow lovely stuff ...... interesting comparison to the Zipps there .....

    I've heard many times from those wind tunnel people that it's often much more beneficial to go with components that the frame was designed to work with, e.g. Cervelo with Zipps.

    Then again, they would say that.

    But still, I imagine it has a grain of truth.
  • LigLig Posts: 178
    Cheers Giant mancp,

    Interesting theory Rick, I really wouldnt have thought they would be designed specifically with a brand of wheels in mind, but you could be right - Just because if they had a disagreement with the company or something then they would have to redesign the frame - I am sure if Carbon sports Lightweight offered Cervelo (for example) a massive sponsorship deal they would switch onto the same frames??!!??!!

    I think the thing is that I am no pro, and the Lightweights do feel better (stiffer - more responsive) and I am sure on a track / pro race they would be benefitial, I am kind of coming at this from a consumers point of view, that I would rather have 1K in my pocket than the LWs BUT if money was no object then deffo the LWs.

    I also think its hard to compare between the 303s and the Standard 111s. A better comparison would be between the 404s and the 111s as they are similar aero design and depth.

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