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Trek 7.2 FX stolen in Manchester by destroying my wall!

burnside1982burnside1982 Posts: 2
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I had my Trek 7.2 FX hybrid stolen from my back garden in Manchester (M21) between 3/3/10 and 5/3/10.It was locked to a solid metal bracket on the garden wall. I was fairly happy that the bracket and lock (Abus d-lock with extension cable through both wheels) were secure. I didn't expect them to take half of my wall to pieces from the other side to steal it! Pics below of the aftermath:



One brick missing from my side of the wall. About 15 from the neighbours! Their garden gate wasn't locked so the thieves must have come in over night and spent some time taking all the mortar out from between the bricks. They then pushed the brick that the bracket was fixed to out and took the whole thing - bike, lock, bracket and brick!

It was a silver frame 2009 model, serial number WTU101C0471E. There were small reflective silver stickers dotted around the frame and hardly any wear/tear - only bought it in November and the weather over the winter meant I'd hardly been out on it. There was a grey rack on the back and mudguards front and back which I think were silver.

My wife's bike was still in the garden with a similar lock setup (Kryptonite) and two nights later we disturbed 2 lads who had come to take that as well! Fortunately they hadn't got very far so we've still got that. Has anyone got any advice for securing my new one? We've no room for a shed and no room to keep them inside.


  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 81,520 Lives Here
    We've no room for a shed and no room to keep them inside.

    find room inside or dont get a new bike. they will be waiting for the new bike.
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  • stephecstephec Posts: 795
    nicklouse wrote:
    We've no room for a shed and no room to keep them inside.

    find room inside or dont get a new bike. they will be waiting for the new bike.

    Harsh words, but true.

    It's a well known thieving scumbag trick to wait a month or two for the insurance to pay out then come back for the replacements.

    I've got one of these protecting my garden shed now -
  • Shame you can't use mantraps or landmines to get the thieving scumbags if they come back looking for new pickings!
  • ChrisCeeChrisCee Posts: 8
    I'd get a steel cabinet made up to fit the space available, at least the bikes aren't on display.

    I lost my Giant SCR 2 in March outside of college although it was locked to the appropriate stands with a Kryptonite cable lock.

    Must say if i'd seen the same (lets assume they were) chaps having a go at your wife's bike it'd be baseball bat time. Like in Pulp Fiction "it'd be just worth it to catch them at it"

    Must admit I'm sorely tempted to lock a decoy up, wait across the street from where my last bike went West just to catch the thieving scumbags in the act, 'coz lets face it the police or the criminal justice system aren't exactly a deterrent are they?

    Failing that follow this link and the poster a guy put up after losing his ride, it provoked a lot of comment, for my part I'm with him every inch of the way!
  • LillywhiteLillywhite Posts: 742
    You cannot afford to leave any decent bike on display, even if it's locked.
  • dilemnadilemna Posts: 2,187
    Far out. That's the sort of lengths bank robbers or jewel thieves go to.

    I have hidden cameras in my home. If my bike were stolen I would check the footage, catch up with the feckers, get my bike back and make sure they never ever stole a bike ever again 8) .
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