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Can anyone shed any light on an old Uppadine that I have bought.

It is a 5 speed race bike from the 60`s I think I am wanting to restore it to its former glory and would appreciate any info thanks.


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    Uppadine's shop was on Balby Road, Doncaster...well before my time tho. All the old boys in Doncaster Wheelers or Conisbrough/Ivanhoe rode them at some point in their youth.

    The shop closed in the late 60's I think. I believe the frames were built at the back of the shop by " Old Man Uppadine", as he was known.
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    Hi, Uppadines were indeed a Doncaster shop and frame maker, although I have been told that some frames were made by another very well known manufacturer that still exists today, although I have not been able to prove this.
    I have a superb late fifties Uppadine that I am just about to have refurbished and I have only found one person that holds a stock of original transfers and he will only sell with a complete respray at a premium.
    My frame is a very very light 531 throughout (not Double butted)with lovely Nervex proffesional lugs and pencil slim rear stays,its a shame its a just a tad large from my ideal 22", but I can ride it ok at 23.25".
    I actually llive in Doncaster but I cannot remember the shop but I believe it closed around late 60's. I started cycling about 1977 with the Doncaster wheelers and used a Carlton but Uppadine was still a well known name at that time.
    Please get in touch if I can help at all although I have only just rekindled my cycling interest at the age of 46 after not really riding for nearly 30 years.

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    I also live in Doncaster and my father remembers the shop well.
    I also live in Doncaster and am restoring the old bike to show my dad.
    It would be good to meet up Dean and compare bikes, I assume mine is from the late 50s it has chrome campag forks front and back and come complete with campag gears and hubs etc.
    Give me a call
  • I remember, as a lad, standing outside the shop looking at the campagnolo derailleurs and various parts, frames and bikes, thinking that when I grew up I'd get my bike from there. Unfortunately the shop closed and in Donny we were left with Turtons (also on Balby Road) and H.O. Smiths and Sons. I had some wheels built at Turtons and bougth a frame and MTB from Smiths. Gone are these shops (and me, I left Donny 2 years ago) with nothing replacing them. Halfrauds can't compete. I don't see the cyclists hanging round the bike shops as they did. Too many (me included) search the internet but never get the same service as with your LBS. :cry:
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    I remember gawping thru John Turtons window as a kid. Record Sprints & Quasars were top of my "want list" back then. Don't forget Geoff Francis & Pedal Power, the latter is stil trading.
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    I still want a Record Sprint. I've got a Quasar frame hanging up, waiting to be single-speeded.
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