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Newbie replacing cassette and chain

buonobuono Posts: 2
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Hello all,

I have recently picked up cycling again. During a house move I noticed that the chain and rear cassette on my bike are pretty dry and rusted. Still runs fine but obviously this is not great as I want to use the bike more and more.

The bike is just a Halfords Carrera hybrid but I would like to stave off the purchase of a new bike for as long as possible if I can make some changes to my machine.

I have ordered a Shimano Deore HG 50 cassette (something on the Shimano cassette that is on my bike said 11 - 34 so I stuck with that). I have also ordered a Shimano 9 speed chain.

The rear and front derailleurs are both fully working but not in great condition.

I would like to replace the crankset soon as well.

My question is how do I avoid buying things that are not compatible? I am hoping the cassette I have ordered will fit and that the chain is compatible but if I choose to replace the derailleurs and chainset, am I going to run into problems?

I am basically running off info on the net and video turotials to show me how to replace the cassette. The cost of bike servicing here (Switzerland) and the value of the bike means that I will at least need to have a go at it myself.

Thanks for any advice that can be offered.


  • giant_mangiant_man Posts: 6,878
    Get a decent chain whip and the correct cassette lockring remover and you'll be fine. Make sure you get the sprockets in the right order when putting on the new one if they come separate. They'll probably come together though.

    Chain wise measure the old one and cut the new one exactly the same length. Again with the correct chain cutting tool. Shimano isn't as critical as campag with chains. All in all it should be a simple enough job. After that, you may have to adjust the B limit screw on the rear derailleur depending on how 'adjusted' it already is.
  • skyd0gskyd0g Posts: 2,540
    I'd avoid replacing things, if the existing parts still work reasonably well. It sounds like a good strip, clean over, wipe down and re-lube would do the job.
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