Bianchi delays

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About a month or so ago I ordered my first road bike, a Bianchi Via Nirone with tiagra from my LBS. I was expecting it to tale about 2 weeks to get in but was the. Told it wouldn't be in untill the end of April.

As I hadn't actually paid any money I went hunting for one in stock nearby and was hoing that Evans in Waterloo might have one this week but was told yesterday that they also wouldn't have anything untill the end of the month.

There are a couple of threads about on this forum and others saying peole have been waiting since December and the date keeps going backwards. I'm doing the London to Brighton I. Late June and so I want some time to get used to the new bike and I'm worried that may not happen if the delivery date stretches into May, that seems like a distinct possibility.

Does anyone on here work in the industry and have a good idea if the end of this month is a secure date to xpect delivery of these bikes? Or should I just get something else like a Boardman, CAAD 8 or a Felt?
The bike's fine, it's the engine that needs an upgrade.


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    i enquired about the infinito at my LBS but was told i would have to wait to see when they could supply one my size, apparently there was a huge fire at the Bianchi factory last year, maybe they must have limited stock available? Either way i purchased a Ridley Excalibur instead.
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    There was a fire at the Bianchi factory last year which put them back somewhat in meeting the demand for new bikes. In addition I have been led to believe that the Italian Government have just started a similar Bike to Work scheme as run here in the UK. The set up though with Italian Manfacturers was that they were to priority supply Italian Cycle outlets meaning the demand in Italy has to be met before they export bikes. This adding to the delay.

    Not sure how true that is but that was the story I was given when I went looking for a new Bianchi.
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    :shock: Glad I got mine last year then.
    I'll drive past my LBS that stocks them at the weekend and see if he has them in stock.
    He had loads last year.
  • So now i have found a shop that has one in my size but it'll have to be done mailorder and i'm not sure whether i should just get it there or not.

    Pros: Get it now
    Definatley have it for the London to Brighton
    More time to get used to the bike (especially as i'm new to road bikes)

    Cons: No cheap shorts/pedals/computer etc...
    More difficult to take back
    Having to explain it to the LBS

    Any thoughts on my dilema?
    The bike's fine, it's the engine that needs an upgrade.
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    If you're sure it's the correct size for you I'd personally get one now.
    I wouldn't bother explaining it to your LBS unless he's a member of your family or something!

    Don't worry about saving 10% or so on bits and pieces either as I'll bet they won't be as cheap a you can buy them online somewhere anyway...
    (wait for someone to bleat on about supporting your local LBS...)
  • There si the free fittign and service issue as well. I'm saving a fair few £s there as well.
    The bike's fine, it's the engine that needs an upgrade.
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    The current range of Bianchi Bikes rock and are worth the wait. I bought mine last year and it is the Dogs - Bianchi Centostrada (928) Dura Ace..... mmm!