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GT Outpost and Specialized Hardrock, Trafford Centre Mcr

UKCougarUKCougar Posts: 2
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Stopped off at the Trafford Centre on the way back from a weekend's riding, and had our bikes stolen from the locked roof rack. Details are as follows.

Bikes were taken from the Barton Square overflow car park ("GF2") on the Trafford Centre in Manchester, yesterday 5/4/10 between 1:30pm and 3:45pm. Ie, broad daylight on Easter Monday. They were mounted in locked Atera Giro cycle carriers, which the thieves smashed to bits to get the bikes out.

My bike is a Specialized Hardrock Pro 2009, black with red decals. Essentially identical to stock, Annoyingly I can't find the serial number, still looking for that. Distinguishing marks are light scuffs on one side of the frame where a fool transported it badly on a Land Rover. I'll should have pics of the damage so I'll try and post that later. It did have a Madison gel saddle, black bottle cage and a raft of fittings on the bars for gadgets, but they're easily removable of course.

My partner's bike is a grey GT Outpost Disc 09. Frame number is SNMNG08G51503. It originally looked like this - The front fork has been replaced with a Rockshox Reba fork, and the stem was replaced at the weekend with a bright red component, so unlike my bike it should be immediately recognisable. When it was stolen it had a pink bottle cage fitted (which is the thing everyone notices about it, even the security guys on the car park remembered seeing it when we arrived). It also has a Madison saddle and various lamp fittings on the bars.

Not sure how to close up here other than to say, be careful out there. In hindsight I was pretty naiive, but I figured the bikes were fairly safe locked to the car for a couple of hours in a public car park with CCTV, security guards, and a metric shedload of people milling about. Shows how wrong I was there, expensive mistake and we've got a biking holiday booked in three weeks' time. *sadface*
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