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Yesterday I went out for what I will call my first real trail ride. Started off a little sketchy as I had some issues with rooty descents plus the stupid bridges at the bottom. In between the downs and the up the bottom was wet and since the trails were also for walking the made little bridges across them. Problem with that is unless you want to catch your cranks on the edge you had to bunny hop which I can't do. So there was a lot of stopping at the bottom of a hill, carrying the bike a little, and then starting a climb from a dead stop. Then there was also the experience of hitting too hard on the front brake while descending and riding on the front wheel for a couple meters.

Good place to ride once you get the hang of it, but for me it was a rough start. But then I took a little side trail. It had a gradual decent with roots, but the roots were spaced out and were pretty much steps. You could just get flying down this hill and jumping off the roots. It was the most exhilarating thing I had ever done. I fell in love with mountain biking right then and obviously had to ride that section a couple more times.
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  • Well done mate! It gets even more addictive once you master getting the front wheel airborne, and even MORE when you get the bunny hop. Whatever happens get the credit limit increased on that credit card - you'll need it :)

    Why do you say hitting the front brake too hard? There's a technique to braking with getting your weight back and heels down etc (you will end up being able to nearly lock the front without the back coming up).

    You seem to have the right idea about starting with what you're comfortable with and build up from there.
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    I can lift the front of the bike no problem. It was fatigue plus timing the lift when at descent speeds.

    Read a bunch of stuff on bunny hopping today, will go out and try it some the next nice day that I don't have to do school work. University really takes away from the ridding opportunities, plus the cash to buy stuff.

    I say hitting the brake too hard cause when I was on my front wheel I am pretty sure the wheel was completely locked up and it was mostly a skid. I think I panicked a bit and just grabbed the lever.

    I want to head out to the trail again this weekend but school comes first. But classes are done this week so I have all next weekend free. I think 40km sounds reasonable enough over two days. :)
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