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A friend has suggested that we go cycling in Norway. It looks like a beautiful place to go, but honestly i have absolutely no knowledge of the place. So i was wondering if anyone had some experiences they could share, good websites, any tips. So far there seems to be a bit on the Norway tourist office site, but any other help is greatfully received.



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    have you tried putting Norway in the search function and then select this forum you will get
    28 hits all of which could be relevant (Oh make that 27 as one is this one) :wink: .

    here is an example ... ght=norway ... ght=norway ... ght=norway
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  • Some info on here and some blogs.
  • Hey Matt,

    Try this website:

    I am cycling from Voss to Sweden along the coast from the 26th March. If you are here, and if you want a cycle partner, let me know!!!

  • hi, last year i cycled in the north of norway and found it to be very hilly. I think most of the country is like this, as I have also spent some time driving around (and breaking down) in a land rover there.

    here is my blog of the cycling trip
  • In 1982 I cycled to Nordkapp from Esbjerg in Denmark and back via Finland. Southern Norway (around Sognedal) is beautiful and you can cycle along the valleys - you don't have to cycle over the high passes - unless you're a bit mad. Being a bit mad, I cycled over the Jotenheimen on June the 21st and there was still a LOT of snow around. (This was before George Bush). After Trondheim, I headed into Sweden to Ostersund and then north, back into Norway up to Nordkapp. If you go north, watch out for the midges. They are horrible things. It is fine while you are cycling, but as soon as you stop, you'll have about a million of them, all wanting to suck your blood.
    It is a lovely country, good people, though quite expensive. Don't forget it is not EU so you should check out your health insurance before you go.
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