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Hi everyone been creeping round here without joining for a while now so thought I'd jump in. I'm 21 and have been cycling for quite a few years now but when I was younger I used to do it properly in wales etc (I'm from London). Work, uni and everything else killed off that but I am currently recovering from being smacked off my bike by a stolen car (cue 1 week in hospital) Bottom line is I'm growing a little tired of cycling on the street! I want to get right back into proper trail riding with maybe a little light freeride thrown in? Not sure really. I was looking at a couple of bikes in my crippled state, was wondering what people thought of them? Not going to be able to cycle anything fun for a couple of months so no rush but I guess I better pick one up before they run out. Or maybe build my own slowly? Anyway I look forward to getting to know everything and getting out there!


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