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SPD adjustment bolt

jswbajswba Posts: 491
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Hi all

Hmmm. Bought a pair of M540s off of ebay recently, and the adjustment bolt on one side of one of the pedals has jammed at the tightest position. I had this problem with a previous pair and ended up rounding off the allen joint. Any ideas about how to unjam this one? (No chance of a return for a variety of reasons, plus they were cheap!)



  • When you say the tightest position I take it the small plate which pushes against the two springs is right away from the screw head end?
    If so the plate may have come off the thread, best way to sort this out is to dis-assemble the pedal and with no tension on the plate try to get it to re-engage on the thread.
    The pedal is easy to put back together if you remove the fixed plate, put the sprung assembly back together, then replace the fixed plate. I found this out after a bit of trial and error!

    Also the tension thread is left handed I think.
  • jswbajswba Posts: 491
    Good idea. Looks like a fine way to spend a rainy afternoon!
  • jswbajswba Posts: 491
    Thanks for the advice. Had to cannibalise another pedal to fix the new one, as the plate was actually at the top of the bolt (so the pedal was at minimun tension, which explains why I couldn't engage --the pedal just wasn't holding my cleat at all). Now I need a new bolt and plate to replace the broken one.
  • Well depending on an email from CRC I could have one available to send you assuming it's the same for m520/m540? - I've stripped the retaining sleeve on a six month old m520 pedal. If CRC won't replace them under warranty you can have the plate & screw from the damaged pedal.
  • jswbajswba Posts: 491
    That would be spectacular Arthur!

    The bolts are exactly the same. I just switched one from an old M520 and it works perfectly in the M540.

    PM on its way
  • jswba

    PM'd you
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