Bristol tops list of bike-friendly cities?

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From The Guardian today:

"Bristol tops list of bike-friendly cities"

"Bristol edges out Nottingham and Leicester according to a survey from Cycling Plus magazine while London is rated 17th.

Bristol is the UK's most bike-friendly big city, while London is one of the least hospitable to cyclists, according to a survey.

The study by Cycling Plus magazine took the country's 20 biggest cities and towns by population – thus excluding traditional bike centres such as Cambridge and York – and ranked them using a series of factors including cycle commuter numbers, levels of bike theft, the number of traffic-free bike lanes, casualties, pollution and even rainfall."

Interesting to read the comments under the article especially the cyclists from Bristol. Not surprised to see Hereford City here. Any one know the other cities mentioned in the survey?
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  • bompington
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    Certainly friendly to my bike, these neds liked it so much it stayed there
  • downfader
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    As the frog said: readit!

    Left a comment too. Most comments on there have been pretty positive considering.
  • rick_chasey
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    Even if Cambridge was considered I'd be very surprised if it was considered bike friendly.

    Having a lot of cyclists does not necessarily mean it is bike friendly. If anything, my experience is the reverse.
  • snailracer
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    Bristol can only be considered bike friendly in the sense that the traffic jams are so bad, there is almost zero possibility of being hit by a car ('cos they're all stationary, see?) BTW the hills are heinous.
  • iRider
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    I live in Bristol, and got hit by a car just the other day.. :(

    Nice to see it is out on top though, but if Bristol is the best cycling city based on facilities, i.e cycle lanes, then the government need to step up their game!
    The routes into the centre are full of pot-holes.

    There are some nice places to ride though...
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    See York is one of the best, they just excluded it cause it's too small.