Dirty Jo Dimensions

Craig321 Posts: 169
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Does anyone have a full set of dimensions for the Dirty Jo frame please?



  • fredy
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    i would like to know this also, so i was just going to email them but i have no need for the frame just yet and so i am yet to send the email.

    Pointless post i know.
  • Craig321
    Craig321 Posts: 169
    I sent them an email on Saturday, but obviously not expecting anything until tomorrow.

    If nobody had them round here, I'll post them when they send them.

  • Craig321
    Craig321 Posts: 169
    If anyone's interested I have the dimensions:

    Seat post 27.2
    Seat clamp 31.8
    BB shell 68mm
    Headset 11/8"

    Sent to me from Wayne @ Dityjobikes.co.uk