Right knee!

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I've noticed recently I've been getting a bit of pain on the inside of my right hand knee. I've read a few bits on the web and although a few posts say about raising the saddle etc I'm sure I have the bike set-up about right. I think it's my gym work that's finishing them off.

I was bodybuilding for a couple of years, before coming back in to cycling. So I'm doing no where near as much weight as I once was (squatting twice body weight for example). I'm now only squatting 1/2 my bodyweight, but doing quite a few reps.

Do you think stopping the squats etc for a week or so will mean I can carry on cycling? I'm only 28 and really don't want to finish off my knee, but I still want to carry on cycling!

Anyone have any experience of this and have any advice? Maybe start taking omega 3-6-9?


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    hey man, i had the same problem after i crashed once. and i went to physio about it. its normaly that you knee cap is very slightly off to one side, bascily all i was told to do was strech the outer side of my right leg doing exersizes like put your left leg on the other side of you right foot and lean to the left untill you feel it strech and also you could try wrapping a rolling pin in a tea towel then rolling on the outer side of your right leg on the rolling pin, its abit painfull but i got instant result from that. if this doesnt help your problem then you may want to go get it checked out.
  • Thanks for the reply. I'll look up some stretchs and lay off the weights for a bit and see how I go. Might try pushing over an easier gear on the bike too and see if that helps.
  • Looking at some diagrams, looks like it could be the "Medial collateral ligament". Going to try some rest and ice before seeking any assitance.
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    The last couple of rides ive been on have been making my right knee hurt as well, thinking it could have something to do with the set-up of the bike or shoe cleats but havn't changed anything lately so :? Intereting to know that after a crash it happened because i had one of those about 4 weeks ago as well but didnt hit my right knee/leg when i crashed?
  • Leg pain in cycling can be due to any number of issues but if you're happy with the bike set-up it may be something as simple as cleat position to the more complex issue of imbalance of muscle activation in the pedal cycle! Also, if you're been bodybuilding for a number of years with no leg injuries I'd assume that your squat technique was OK.

    Normally knee pain is associated with muscle imbalance and as you say that it is coming from the inside of the knee which is indicative of a muscle imbalance... It may be that your right leg is compensating for a slightly weaker left leg? When does the knee give you grief? Is it at any particular point of your ride or at a particular point of the pedal cycle?
  • My knee seemed to get better a few days after posting this thread, although it does seem to be a reoccuring injury.

    However, I had a really good session around Whinlatter last Sunday (18th) and all was going great. The next day my knee was knackered, ended up going to the doctors that day but they were of little help. She's referring me to a physio. After a week of rest it seems ok now, but I'm worrying about it coming back. Guess I need to wait and see what the physio says... It's always my right knee and always on the inside (mcl ligament?) I can't notice anything whilst cycling, it's usually the days after that I get some grief. Wonder if my right leg is compensating for a weaker left. Might have to try and move the emphasis on to my left a bit more.

    As for the gym work, I always tried to make sure my squat technique was perfect and never got any niggles during or after sessions. I could squat 130kg's when training specifically for strength (my bodyweight is around 75kg's at the moment).