Tonbridge area, Kent - looking for MTB buddies

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Since I'm fairly new in Tonbridge and need to get in shape for ('only' the 80 miles version!) I'm now looking for MTB bike buddies.So far I've done a bit in woods around Tonbridge, Bewl Water and the woods by Plaxol but not yet for example Bedgebury Bike Park or North Downs.

NB! I'm pretty out of shape so expect no extreme rides and since I work in London - realistically I can best case scenario do 1-2 week nights (starting around 19.30) and most Sunday mornings.




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    Hi Lars,

    I regularly ride at Bedgebury (2 or 3 times a week if i can) and during the summer, most evenings at Bewl as it's only a 2 mile ride to get there for me.

    I work in retail, so my days off are sporadic, but as the evenings get lighter there's no reason why I can't be free most evenings, and I'm going to be taking Sundays a s a set day off once the baby is born (next 4 weeks or so).

    Chuck me a PM if/when you're riding next and I'll see if i can make it.

  • Hi Tom!

    Thanks for you reply!

    Sounds good and sure will do. As you say, the evenings are getting lighter which makes life easier.

    Also, good luck with the baby. I have a 3 year old and it's just amazing :D


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    Surely there's some more riders in the area?
  • Hope so but seem bleak... At least for now. Will try to go through the network to see if I can find more potential ride buddies :-)
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    what is bedgebury looking like at the moment? i have never ridden there i'm going this coming sunday weather permitting?about a hour and a half away on a good run is it def worth it??
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    Last time i went it wasn't too bad. Just skip the 1st bit of single track, keep going straight ahead, at the crossroads take a right, and the next red route is on your left. Rest was ok. Good weather up until the end of the week too (touch wood) apparently, so should only be a few boggy bits!
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    I am near Eastbourne so not far from Bedgebury/Friston?
  • Hi Lars -
    I realise this is very late reply to your two-year old post, but if you are still in Tonbridge and still interested in mountain biking locally, do get in touch.
    Kind regards, Rob