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Old skool hooligan Dutch ladies bike

paulr69paulr69 Posts: 9

Does anyone know anything about this bike:

Despite the name, which I hate, it's not really a hooligan bike. I'm looking to buy a simple, easy to maintain, cheap bike for my wife. It'll be for riding around town with the kids, we don't live near any major hills so speed and single gear aren't an issue.

This looks nice, and is cheap. Any thoughts?



  • baudmanbaudman Posts: 757
    No1 consideration - does SHE like it? If she likes it, you have a much greater likelihood she'll ride it. (Actually, does she LOVE it is a better question).

    No2 consideration. Some assembly required. You OK with that? Dunno where it's sourced from (my guess is China) but sometimes the quality assurance leaving the factory isn't that grand. A file and a hammer may also be required with assembly.

    But, on the face of it, looks ok. I know you say SS will be fine, but 3spd is better ;)
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  • If you want something from a more recognised brand, then the Kona Africabike can be had very cheap if you shop around - there are singlespeed or 3-speed hub geared versions. ... gn=froogle

    My wife really likes hers, and it seems very strong and well built.
  • paulr69paulr69 Posts: 9
    Thanks for the advice.

    I'm fine doing some initial assembly. The SS issue is important I think, so I'll get her to check one out locally. Other than that, she does indeed love the style of the bike, so I think that's a good start.

    Thanks again.
  • grim3urgrim3ur Posts: 46
    What about the Dawes Heritage range, they do a ladies single speed and 3 speed hub gear.
    Check out these panniers/shopping bags too.
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