Are gears affected by dirt jumping?

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As the title says does dirt jumping damage the gears on your bike at all? And do they make dirt jumping more difficult, do they cause any restrictions?



  • Well, you are likely to bend/snap more mechs simply due to the fairly brutal nature of it as a sport.
    The actual act of jumping wont do much damage, but the crashing will. and if you're new to it you WILL crash. Lots!
    IMO, Gears are not really needed for most jump bikes because you tend to get your speed from a drop-in, then maintain enough speed by cranking like your life depends on it (which it does) between the jumps.
  • radbrad
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    Ok it is just that I will be doing trails aswell as dirt jumping so I am not sure whether to put up with single speed on trails or risk braking gears dirt jumping... I guess if it becomes a problem i could change the bike I am getting to single speed.
  • JamesBrckmn
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    i'd go with gears, in a 1x9 set up (a single chainring upfront, and a 9 speed cassette at the rear with a short cage rear mech) with a chainguide on the single ring, as the chain is likely to come off on jumps