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So I have been looking to buy my first trainer for the winter months here in oz.

Was originally looking at the TACX Satori but have done a little research and have decided a fluid trainer may be a better long term investment for winter training with (its alleged) realistic road feel.

I have been looking at the Elite range, specifically the Elite Superchrono Digital/Wireless and Hydromag (with digital upgrade) versions.

I am not sure if the 5 resistance settings on the hydromag (in conjunction with the digital head unit) makes enough of a difference to warrant purchasing this over the digital version and wether there is any compromise (to alleged) road feel having this hybrid fluid/magnetic resistance. I have not been able to find any details re increasing the resistance of the fluid only unit and can only assume there is no option to do so.

Would appreciate some input from users who have experience with these products or anyone who has gone from wind/fluid/magnetic/electric trainers and the lessons they learned going between them that may help me go one way or the other.



  • blackhands
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    If you can, try out a kInetic - especially one with a big flywheel.
  • amaferanga
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    I have the Elite fluid superchrono digital. Its a nice turbo, probably as road like as you'll get, but in reality its still nothing like riding on the road.

    However, I think its massively overpriced and the digital display is pretty much useless due to the drift in resistance as the unit warms up. The warming up takes close to an hour. While it warms up, for the same resistance the displayed speed and power also goes up making it useless for actually judging effort. And mine overreads on power by up to 100 Watts anyway.

    I'd go for either a Kurt Kinetic or a Tacx Flow.
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  • Anonymous
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    I'd go for a cycleops, much more road like than my Tacx and no faffing with resistance settings either!
  • Ainsy8
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    Appreciate the feedback so far. Thanks.

    The Kinetic looks impressive. From blackhands comments looks like it is worth spending a little more on the extra (heavy) flywheel.

    What about spending the extra on the rock and roll version over the conventional Kinetic pro?

    Again would rather spend a little more now...than later!

    Lessons to be learned eh!