Jockey wheels rubbing casette (noisy)

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Posting this for a friend - he's running a 50-34 compact with a 11-27 casette.

When climbing in the 34-27 the jockey wheel was touching the 27 sprocket with the adjuster screw all the way in. So we put a longer adjuster screw in and now it's noisy in the 50-11

Anyone any experience of this? It's all Dura Ace.

I'm running 50-34 12-27 and 50-35 11-25 on two seperate bikes (have been for years) without any problems.



  • maddog 2
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    check the chain length. Too long and it can do this, shorter helps.

    Some bike/mech hangers do struggle with a 27 cassette and a road mech. Just one of those things I'm afraid. The lastest mechs (6700, 7900) have the top jockey further away from the sprockets, so would solve this problem.
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