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FOD conditions.

duncanvaleduncanvale Posts: 18
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Can someone let me know what the state of the trails are like through the forest after the recent rain. I have some routes planned from sling area and will also be visiting the downhill routes at the cycle centre.

Last time i cycled there it was wet and became a nightmare with clogging mud and some parts unrideable.



  • amt27amt27 Posts: 320
    it was very muddy on monday, going out today so will let you know, it always takes a while (week of dry weather) before the trails dry completely

    their have been tree felling works around Sling, effecting the Dowies, which was unrideable a few weeks back,

    Cannop red route and downhill runs have been effected by tree felling too, but are still rideable (small detour on red route) and are less effected by the rain,

    more info later
  • whiter74whiter74 Posts: 69
    Was out last night from milkwall through sling to little drybrook. Very wet in exposed parts but ok under trees.
    Ref Dowies, the original track is now rideable. Was only speaking to Dowie the other day.
    The far right track is still a mess, took me son up their sat morning for some child labour repair. Did quite a bit but it will take some time to fix, and those bloody tractor ruts!.

    Murdock's track near dowies has survied though

  • amt27amt27 Posts: 320
    just did some of the Enduro route and most of the Cannop red route, pretty muddy but nothing unrideable, running 2.2s on a FSR and no problems with mud clogging,

    my not so waterproof waterproof jacket made me wet/cold. so didn't get as far as Dowies,

    does Dowie still ride out? I used to ride with him years ago when he had a nice Klein,

    where is Murdock's?
  • Thanks guys for your replies. Will make sure i take my waterproofs and gaitors.
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