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£2700 new bike but which one? HELP

thestripboythestripboy Posts: 2
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Hi new to the forum and first post. i have a dilema of which bike to buy. at present i ride an old tcr1 alu which has served me well over the past, having used it for tt. and sprotives/ coast to coast.....
I have a budget of about £2700 and arent sure which bike to go for i have been looking at the pinarello fp3, look 566, and the trek madone, and the cervelo present drawn towards the pinarello but any advice would be greatly apreciated. i know that they are all great bikes in there own way but would like to hear from someone who has a bit more experience than myself.
primarily will be using it for weekend club rides 40 - 100 and the odd sportive.



  • ScrumpleScrumple Posts: 2,665
  • Essex ManEssex Man Posts: 283
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  • If you're spending that sort of money, you're going to get a great bike. I'd suggest actually trying out your top two or three and then making the choice. You'll find that you prefer the positioning of one above the others or you might prefer a particular gearing system or wheelset.

    It's always a difficult choice when so much money is at stake.
  • AndyD2574AndyD2574 Posts: 1,034
    cervelo. easy choice!
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    In order of preference:



    and a distant last...

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  • tigerbentigerben Posts: 233
    only have experience of the madone - I have a 5.2 and I love it. so light and comfy.

    i dont race - only use it for club rides and long days out.

    IMHO looks good too.
  • relaniumrelanium Posts: 487
    And what is wrong with Trek Bikes?
  • Not on your list but for that sort of money maybe a Felt AR3 or AR4 because they look pretty and i would quite like one also, either that or any Cervelo as they appear to be great value. Specialized, Trek, blah less so perhaps.
  • WheelspinnerWheelspinner Posts: 5,860
    relanium wrote:
    And what is wrong with Trek Bikes?

    Nothing really. Just ubiquitous.

    Oh, and my local club guys have had an appalling run with the current range of Madones and cracked BB shells. It is now almost one in three of them that have had to get replacement frames, which has been no big deal because Trek warranty works very well indeed. But really, for a bike that pricey, that's poor.

    These guys are mostly MAFB's (*) like me, doing occasional crits, and maybe 3 - 400km a week on reasonable roads at the very most.

    (* - Middle Aged Fat [email protected]@rds... :lol: )
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  • relaniumrelanium Posts: 487
    For £2700 maybe try building your own bike, then you can buy the groupset which you want & frame.
  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,667
    Have a look on the De Ver cycles website. They have a bike building tool on there, its good fun to play with.
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