Changing gear on a Carerra Virtuoso

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I really hate to ask this question as it makes me look like a right mug however i have just purchased a Carerra Virtuoso (2hours old from halfords) and for the life of me i can not work how to change gear. Cycled 2miles from the shop in 1 gear (9mins miles)

I have pressed the 2 little black buttons next to the break leavers and it doesnt seem to do anything at all.

So any advice/p%$$ take is welcome as im looking to do a 10 mile ride this sunday


  • amaferanga
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    Push the brake lever inwards to change to a bigger sprocket at the back (right hand shifter) and to a bigger chainring at the front (left hand shifter). The buttons change to smaller sprocket/smaller chainring.
    More problems but still living....
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    The very mention of it being new from Halfords means we can seriously ask the question - "Are you sure the levers and mechs have even been connected together?"
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    . . . . What mechs?

    I guess it's NOT so obvious if you're new to cycling or having re-discovered cycling after many years. "When I was a lad" there were no STI levers. Jumping back on a bike and riding it after 20 years was a doddle but it took me a few rides to take control of the shifters! Just second nature now. Best thing since sliced bread.

    Happy Easter everyone, enjoy your rides.

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    GavH wrote:
    The very mention of it being new from Halfords means we can seriously ask the question - "Are you sure the levers and mechs have even been connected together?"
    mines still good 4000 miles later. same bike but older model.
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    Read this. It should tell you all you need to know. Print a copy for reference later.
  • John.T
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    There's also a vid on youtube....
    A link would help.
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    Wont let me at work :wink:

    Type in Sora shifters and there's a cr@ppy video but it does show you how. Will link when i get home if needs be...
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    Thanks for the suggestions & it really helped as 11:30 that night i went out on the bike & really enjoyed it,

    I Still got plenty of things to learn regarding what gear to be in etc... but im sure that will come after time. ( I only ever had a BMX)

    I do have alot more respect now for people who i see riding a bike on road as it isnt as simple as i thought it was.
  • m!ke I am new to this road bike lark as well, with a bike form halfords no less.

    it is easy when you do it often enough it becomes second nature. After a while you dont even realise you are doing it and all your focus is on the road, muppets in cars and going faster :D
  • Dont feel silly about asking questions about things that others now find second nature!

    I went from a LBS cheapo MTB to a roadie, and I knew precisely bugger all about road bikes. But now nearly a year later, I can strip one down (except the bottom bracket =( Tools are too expesive!) so give it time.

    Have fun on your new bike =D

    Ps, before you get your free first service, write down any and EVERY little creak or twang that you have had, and test ride it before accepting that the service is complete. In my experience they will just cinch the cables up, lube the chain and hope that you dont know better!