Helmets for XC/Trail - any idea's ?

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In the market for a new helmet, any views...

Fox Flux ?

Giro Xen?

Giro Hex ?

Any opinions would be valid, cheers!


  • joshtp
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    i have a xen and love it, but really it comes down to what you find most comfy, i find the flux to be irritating, but others swear by it, and i think the hex is super comfy (although i still preffer my xen...) but others hate it, i think the hex looks best, which may matter if they all feel good, its also the cheapest by quite a bit, and the xen carries a huge price tag for an xc lid, but if your gonna splash out the met chaos ultimatum is suposed to be great, although iv never worn one myself...
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  • ExeterSimon
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    I'm one who swears by the Fox Flux.

    But people's opinions mean jack as you really need to try them on (and others) to see which suits you best.
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  • antfly
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    I`ve got a Hex, it`s a nice helmet for the winter but poorly vented, very hot in the summer and insects get stuck in it and nibble yor head.
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  • I changed my bike helmet last year and looked at exactly the same ones as you are thinking about, apart from the XEN as that was out of my league. The Fox gets great reviews but I found it felt very chunky and big on the head, so went for the Hex which I love. But really that is my personal opinion.

    I went into a couple of shops and tried them on to get a feel for them, the best way I think.
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  • Beardface
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    I've got a flux too.. I think its a great lid, really comfy for me, but, a bit chunky if I'm honest.. also, the rear 'spoiler' looks, IMO, a bit 'boy racer'.. you can rip it off easily enough though!

    Very well vented, always keeps my head cool in summer, and didnt freeze in winter either :)

    Think I'll try a hex/xen next time though, but, cant knock the fox for anything other than weight/chunkyness.. :)
  • Northwind
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    Those are all good lids, get the one that fits best. If they all fit, get the one you like the colour of. I had a Hex and it served me well but it didn't fit me quite as perfectly as the Flux- I think the Hex is honestly a better helmet and for sure the Xen is, but they're all good. The Flux is a bit of a beefer though.

    Oh, the Flux is extremely stable because the fastener comes so far down and around the back of my head so as a mount for a camera or light it's fantastic.
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  • handon94
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    i got the xen and love it :D
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  • meanredspider
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    +1 for the Xen - not really aware that it's on my head and that's worth the premium in cost on its own.
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