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Does anyone know....?

Chillipepper83Chillipepper83 Posts: 37
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Just brought an Trek Fuel EX8.

Do anyone know what the two hex bolts are for underneath the frame towards the chainset?

I thought it might be for some kinda bolt on protection guard...



  • bails87bails87 Posts: 12,998
    Bottle cage or crudcatcher.

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  • For the bottom part of the of the frame near the BB?
  • jairajjairaj Posts: 3,009
    They're pretty far down the tube so can't be for a crudcatcher must be for a bottle cage.
  • cavegiantcavegiant Posts: 1,546
    That attach the lower falange for the virtual pivot.

    p.s. that is made up just in case you get worried
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  • dot1dot1 Posts: 538
    I had these on my old Trek Liquid frame. Think it was for a bottle cage as a mud catch would foul on the cranks I think. Seems like the stupidest place to put a bottle though as it will jsut get covered in mud!
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  • GHillGHill Posts: 2,402
    Yep, they're for a bottle cage.
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