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MattFTMattFT Posts: 178
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That is all.
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  • zrazzlezrazzle Posts: 79
    didn't cycle today as going to watch the censored in a pub somewhere later...i'd say I was glad but actually i'm not and would rather have faced whatever condidtions there are than get the train with all the losers!

    yesterday on the way home was bad enough though.
  • kelsenkelsen Posts: 2,003
    It was a fair wind for me this morning. I just sat up and literally sailed in. Might be a different story tonight though :(
  • windy weather riding is awesome your average speed goes up massively, then you have to turn round and ride home and thats where it all goes wrong!
  • MattFTMattFT Posts: 178
    it was all headwind on my way in this morning :cry:
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    My Condor R.I.P.

    Enigma Echo - everything outside the city
    Genesis Day One Disc - commuter
  • iain_jiain_j Posts: 1,941
    I could cope with the headwind this morning, but combined with the rain it froze my forehead and I had a splitting headache most of the way in :evil:

    Forecast is the same for tomorrow morning - 33mph wind, directly against me.
  • meanredspidermeanredspider Posts: 12,550
    Had to get off the bike yesterday morning crossing the Kessock (suspension) Bridge over the Moray Firth (Inverness) - couldn't steer the bike straight. With 40T trucks one side and an 80m? drop to the sea the other side, I figured I'd be better to push.

    Was feeling sorry for a group of touring cyclist I met the day before. The idea of crossing the Cairngorms in this wind and snow isn't funny.
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  • iain_jiain_j Posts: 1,941
    I was up at Ullapool last summer, the day we left the wind was absolutely howling and bringing with it rain and hail. Driving up to Braemore Junction, right up at the top where it opens out onto the moors, were two cyclists struggling up against the wind, zigzagging about and straining on the pedals like they were going up a 1-in-3 (the road here was virtually flat).

    The direction they were heading, it was about 15-20 miles in the same direction over the moors to anywhere remotely sheltered. Poor sods.
  • TonymufcTonymufc Posts: 1,016
    Why is it always a headwind on the commute and never a tailwind. How bad is it for motivation? Answer: Very. Its not just the wind though. Its the cold and the freezing rain that really p155es me off. God damn global warming grrrrrrr!
  • Fireblade96Fireblade96 Posts: 1,123
    Bl00dy ridiculous weather for Easter - I'm meant to be sailing to France this weekend, but all the wind (and there's forecast to be quite a lot of it) will be coming from there.

    If I do beat all the way over there, I bet it'll change so I get a headwind on the way home too.

    Dammit, I feel my Easter wine-buying cruise slipping away...
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  • cjcpcjcp Posts: 13,345
    And it's a cold wind, too. Grrr.
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  • prawnyprawny Posts: 5,409
    The sun came out when I left work yesterday so I took my gloves off, shortly afterwards it god very cold windy and snowy. My hands were red for the rest of the day :cry:
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  • GussioGussio Posts: 2,452
    By the time I got home last night all that I wanted to do was curl up in a ball and cry. The headwind was brutal and the rain icy.

    We have just cancelled our family camping trip that was due to take place over the weekend. Stupid weather :roll:
  • Wallace1492Wallace1492 Posts: 3,707
    Meant to be camping in Glencoe this weekend and taking the Tricross for some road fun..... Might need to take a snowplough!!
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