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Specialized Safire Elite, Lapierre Zesty...

creswidcreswid Posts: 14
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I am a female rider who is looking for some advice please. I currently have a Specialized hardtail which I love riding, but Id like to get a Full Suspension bike to be able to go over rougher terrain and possibly start doing some jumps!

Ideally I think I need an All Mountain bike which is reasonably light, with good travel on the front forks (around 120/140mm). My price range is around 1,800 I can possible go a bit further up from there...

So far I have looked at the Specialized Safire Elite and the Lapierre Zesty. Both of these seem perfect for me (though I think the Lapierre is out my price range).

Anybody with any recommendations or advice would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks Very Happy


  • .blitz.blitz Posts: 6,588
    FS has its benefits but after riding a HT you will no doubt notice the extra weight on the back. For blokes it's not too much of a problem but shorter-reach feminine bikes often have man-sized suspension units which are disproportionately heavy. On the other hand, a £1800 HT is going to be a hardcore XC machine and if you want to spend that much on a versatile bike it is going to have to be a FS.

    Both the bikes you mention are very nice. I looked at the Safire when mrs.blitz was after a bike and it really is a scaled-down MTB, not just a short & squat bloke's bike. The only problem I could see with it was that it could be awkward to upgrade because Specialized had fitted a number of female-specific parts, not least of which was the fork (IIRC). The Zesty 214 is also pretty good and probably a better choice if you're thinking of upgrading but it would have to be the right size to begin with.

    As always, it would be best to test ride the bikes before you buy. The bike that feels right from the start is the bike for you. I think Leisure Lakes have a Zesty in their test fleet but getting more than a quick spin on a Safire is going to be tricky. At least if you stick to your £1800 budget, you will not be buying a lemon; a more expensive bike will be better but for a given price point there are no 'bargains'. Have fun looking around and good luck.
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