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biking in holland

bobs bikesbobs bikes Posts: 589
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right, got a couple of days off in a couple of weeks, so im thinking of jumping on the ferry and spending the day in holland. im berthing at europort and looking to cycle into rotterdam (20 miles away) have a wander round, then head back to the ferry.
has anyone done this recently?
is there a direct cycling route from the ferry to rotterdam?
is there any kit i legally have to have with me? ie helmet, lights, reflectors etc....?

advice as normal please.

p.s works out well. leave the shop at 5.30 on tuesday, ride to the ferry for 6pm get on and get to the bar and stuff. get to holland at 7am spend 12 hours cycling round and back on the ferry for 7pm. get drunk and leave the ferry at 7am on the thursday. just in time to get back to the shop for 9am! as im shut on a wed afternoon it works out well. and it only costs £75! ... bargain!


  • Haven't been to Rotterdam for a long time, dont know about the cyclepaths in the area of the harbour but should be allright. my fellow country men usually take into account that you just want to go by bike to the ferry ;-)

    Helmet is not required, officially you need to have lights and reflectors but as long as you don't ride in the dark you shouldn't expect any problem,

    bring a proper big lock if you plan to spend some time of the bike or even better look for a protected storage area (usually available round train stations and in the city centre)

    if you want to prepare a route upfront in rotterdam they have a cycle route network by which you can prepare a route by writing down the numbers of all connection points, this usually works out quite well (I must admit I never used it in a city, only in the countryside)

    the map is available online the site is in Dutch but the map should be understandable ;-)
  • alfabluealfablue Posts: 8,497
    From Hook of Holland ferry terminal LF routes LF1 and then LF11 go straight to Rotterdam, mostly dedicated cyclepath alongside the river - good speeds are possible. Did it last year, first day of a longer tour. ... l&ie=UTF-8
  • bobs bikesbobs bikes Posts: 589
    brilliant! thank you both, great information ! :D
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