Helicopter tape?

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Got my new steel bike and have been advised to get helicopter tape to protect the frame - anyone do this? Its not cheap stuff on the bay, but if it stops scratches and marks for a few years would be worth it. Any drawbacks/issues?

Seems like its about £10/m depending on width. Any cheaper sources?
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  • reba6768
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    Roll of clear tape from Wickes. Been using it for a while and is plenty tough enough and is only a couple of quid or so.
  • alfablue
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    Bike Tape, £6.95/m - good company.
  • hopper1
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    Clear Fablon...
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  • bigpikle
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    cheers guys - time for some googling on those options :)
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  • Monty Dog
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    I've done it with a couple of frames - a Ritchey Breakaway because it gets stuffed in a case and more recently a restored Gios to protect the respray. It is pretty fiddly to fit and best done on a stripped-down frame on a clean surface. The tape isn't that flexible, so I would avoid compound curves or you could end up with ripples. The edge of the tape tends to pick up dirt and doesn't clean as well - less suited to light colours. Easiest is to stick to the toptube, downtube, stays and outer face of fork - everything else is to fiddly and hard to make look as good.
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  • maddog 2
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    I've used this stuff before now. Not cheap and there's probably cheaper out there but good stuff


    I've done two carbon frames with it, and it's virtually invisible to the eye. I've also done my mtb but that lasted about a year before it began to peel off.
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  • Tom Butcher
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    I used the JustRidingAlong stuff too on my carbon frame when I bought it - there may be cheaper stuff just as good but after 4 years it is still perfect and pretty much invisible unless you really look for it.

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